Videos Now Available on DVD & Blu-ray!

After the release of “The Future of Unity & the Trail of the Serpent” there have been many requests for DVDs of videos produced by Judgment Hour. By God’s Grace and with the generous financial support, the equipment and software necessary to produce these discs was acquired.

After many many setbacks and problems with wrong deliveries, faulty hardware and software problems as well as technical issues and setbacks getting an online store setup, I’m happy to say Judgment Hour is finally ready to receive orders. Thus far, “The Future of Unity & the Trail of the Serpent” and the two-part series “But Whom Say Ye That I Am” are both available on DVD and Blu-ray disc formats. While low resolution, DVDs are great for sharing as many people have DVD players. Blu-ray discs are High Definition (1080p) and are therefore optimal and especially great for projecting on a wall or large TV for group settings so long as you have a Blu-ray player.

The response from these videos has been overwhelmingly positive. Several who have been Adventists for many decades have said they have seen hundreds of videos on these subjects, but these three videos produced by Judgment Hour were said to have been inspired and the best they’ve ever seen. All praise and honor be to the Father and Son! It is a blessing to hear from several whose eyes have been opened to see and understand these issues. God is working mightily to set this light before His people, and the encourage those who have accepted this light to step out in faith and proclaim it boldly. In the future more products will be added such as the videos from the selfless series. For now, it is my hope and prayer that these videos will be a blessing to you and to those with whom you wish to share them.

The videos may be ordered from 

Volume discounts are available on the purchase page.

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  1. Hello! What Churches in my area believe like the website?
    I live in Easley Sc.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Lindy, I’m not aware of anyone in that area off hand. Praying the Son of God will lead you into fellowship with those who know Him. Blessings~

    • I am just getting acquainted with Judgement Hour and have watched several of the videos on YouTube. I find them embracing the same beliefs of our group here, near Lexington SC. We have an itinerant pastor who is with our group on the 3rd Sabbath each month. You are welcome to join us on any Sabbath and email, if you would like.

  2. In studying these things it would be immensely helpful to have a written transcript of the various video presentations. Can this be available? Grace and peace.

  3. “The future of unity”. Where is the 1889 fundamental principles doc on your site. You presented A great argument but never wrapped it up as to what we actually should be believing. Clarity I this area is clearly very important.

  4. Hello Michael. I praise God through His Son for using you in these beautiful projects. I started sharing them to friends. May God the Father richly bless your ministry through His beloved Son.
    I am from Uganda, Africa.
    I am asking whether you plan to do one handling history of the Trinity from Babylon to present and the Godhead truth especially in remnants throughout history.
    The videos are very clear. God bless you.

    • Hi Yoweri, thank you for sharing the videos. I have done a couple videos discussing some of the history of the trinity, albeit not from Babylon. Most of the history I have shared concerns it’s relationship and development within Adventism. I may do some more going further back, such as to Babylon, etc. but dont know when that might be yet. Blessings~

    • Hi Michael…..I really love the videos they are well put together and so easy to follow. Great truth in them. Thank you for all that you do and all that you share and may God bless you and your ministry in Jesus name 🙌🏻Amen

  5. Hello Michael,this is MIGADDE Reagan from Uganda Africa,I thank our God through His dear Son that His people are getting the truth,let’s join hands and pray for our people such that they can know this truth and may God help us as we are sharing.Thanks be to God for that video Whom do you say I am?

  6. Born again 1972,studied scriptures found the 7th day sabbath, joined local 7th Day Adventist Church, now I can’t attend because of the apostasy, they all make the trinity a test of faith. Must we be a Church to ourselves?

  7. Born again 1972,studied scriptures found the 7th day sabbath, joined local 7th Day Adventist Church, now I can’t attend because of the apostasy, they all make the trinity a test of faith. Must we be a Church to ourselves?

  8. These videos have been a great blessing. May our Father greatly bless your labor of love.

  9. These videos have been a great blessing, and I’m sharing them with others. May our Father and His Son greatly bless your labor of love.

  10. Your video’s make things so very clear. I just love sharing them with others. I have watched them all and look forward for the next one comes out. May the Lord Bless You in your ministry.

  11. I tried writing this earlier but whenI had it almost ready to “send” it went away! I’m older & not good on this computer! But do wish to get this to both Michael McCaffrey & also LINDY who was the 1st note
    I saw on this site & was written on April 20, 2020 asking if there was a church that believes like this site in
    the Easley, SC area? So, let me let Lindy know that my husband and I live near Tryon, NC & used to drive to Hickory, NC to meet with “like-belivers each Sabbath that we called the “ASK” (Advent Sabbath Keepers). There were about 12 to 15 or so who met each Sabbath but when covid came along, we all started studying at home or watching a OTG (One True God) speaker on YouTube. Eventially a few of the OTG believers started coming to “The Carron’s Cookie Bo
    Box” to study, share our stories & pray together. Last Sabbath we’d planned a special study but on Fri. I remembered that Michael had said he hoped to have the 1st part of the Mark of the Beast message ready to post on You Tube by the end of March so on Friday evening a couple of us decided to check it out to see if it was up & when we found that it was we cancelled what we’d plan Mark of the Beast ned for that Sabbath & watched that message by Michael he named “Unmasking the Mark of the Beast”! We were ‘blown away’ at the awesome it was presented & want those who weren’t here last Sab. to see it too so have invited them to come this Sab & we plan to re-watch it & everyone who was here plans to order some of the DVDs & so do we! so will you please give us a quick ring Michael ASAP so we can get them ordered???? And Lindy, IF you get this message,you’rewelcome to come if you like. Just send us an email & we’ll give you directions to our home.
    Guess I’d better get this ‘sent’b/4 it goes away again as I need to get some ‘shut-eye’!
    And, last NOT least, thank you Michael for all the many hours you must have spent making all you DVDs which we’re sharing far & near! God has certainly blessed you with knowledge & an amazing way of presenting that’s easy to share with non-believers too! PTL!!

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