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"He who cherishes the light which God has given him upon health reform has an important aid in the work of becoming sanctified
through the truth and fitted for immortality."

- Counsels on Health p22

The Laws of Health

"Our bodies are Christ’s purchased possession, and we are not at liberty to do with them as we please. All who understand the laws of health should realize their obligation to obey these laws which God has established in their being. Obedience to the laws of health is to be made a matter of personal duty. We ourselves must suffer the results of violated law. We must individually answer to God for our habits and practices. Therefore the question with us is not, “What is the world’s practice?” but, “How shall I as an individual treat the habitation that God has given me?” (Ministry of Healing 310.4)

"Obedience to the laws of health should be made a matter of earnest study, for willing ignorance on this subject is sin. Each one should feel a personal obligation to carry out the laws of healthful living." (Lt103-1896.48)

"Many are living in violation of the laws of health, and are ignorant of the relation their habits of eating, drinking, and working, sustain to their health. They will not arouse to their true condition, until nature protests against the abuses she is suffering, by aches and pains in the system. If, even then, the sufferers would only commence the work right, and would resort to the simple means they have neglected—the use of water and proper diet, nature would have just the help she requires, and which she ought to have had long before. If this course is pursued, the patient will generally recover without being debilitated." (Selected Messages Book 2, 451.2)

"Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power—these are the true remedies. Every person should have a knowledge of nature’s remedial agencies and how to apply them. It is essential both to understand the principles involved in the treatment of the sick and to have a practical training that will enable one rightly to use this knowledge." (Ministry of Healing 127.1)

Nature's Laws

  • Pure Air
  • Sunlight
  • Temperance (Abstemiousness)
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Proper Diet
  • Water
  • Trust in Divine Power

Pure Air

“Your lungs, deprived of air, will be like a hungry person deprived of food. Indeed, we can live longer without food than without air, which is the food that God has provided for the lungs. Therefore do not regard it as an enemy, but as a precious blessing from God.” (Counsels on Health 54.1)

“In the cool of the evening it may be necessary to guard against chilliness by extra clothing; but there should be a free circulation of pure air through the room during sleeping hours. The free air of heaven, by day or night, is one of the richest blessings we can enjoy.” (Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene 104.1)

Fresh air will purify the blood, refresh the body, and help to make it strong and healthy. The invigoration produced will be reflected upon the mind, imparting to it tone and clearness, as well as a degree of composure and serenity. It gives a healthful stimulus to the appetite, renders the digestion of food more perfect, and induces sound, sweet sleep. Living in close, ill-ventilated rooms, weakens the system, makes the mind gloomy, the skin sallow, and the circulation feeble; the blood moves sluggishly, digestion is retarded, and the system is rendered peculiarly sensitive to cold.”(Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene 104.2)

The lungs should be allowed the greatest freedom possible. Their capacity is developed by free action; it diminishes if they are cramped and compressed. Hence the ill effects of the practice so common, especially in sedentary pursuits, of stooping at one’s work. In this position it is impossible to breathe deeply. Superficial breathing soon becomes a habit, and the lungs lose their power to expand.” (Ministry of Healing 272.2)


“Invalids deprive themselves too much of sunlight. This is one of Nature’s most healing agents. Yet it is very simple, therefore, not fashionable, to enjoy the rays of God’s sunlight, and beautify our homes with its presence. Fashion takes the greatest care to seclude the light of the sun from parlors and sleeping rooms, by dropping curtains and closing shutters, as though its rays were ruinous to life and health. It is not God who has brought upon us the many woes mortals are heir to. It is our own folly that has led us to deprive ourselves of things that are precious, and of blessings which God has provided, which are inestimable, if properly used for the recovery of health. If you would have your homes sweet and inviting, make them bright with air and sunshine. Remove your heavy curtains, open the windows, throw back the blinds, and enjoy the rich sunlight, even if it be at the expense of the colors of your carpets. The precious sunlight may fade your carpets, but will give a healthful color to the cheeks of your children. A humble home, with God’s presence, and with loving, earnest hearts, made bright with air and sunlight, and cheerful with the welcome of unselfish hospitality, will be to your family and the weary traveler a heaven below. (Testimonies for the Church No. 19 36.1)

“The confined air of unventilated rooms meets us with sickening odors of mildew and mold, and the impurities exhaled from its inmates…. The emanations from damp, moldy rooms and clothing are poisonous to the system…. If all would appreciate the sunshine, and expose every article of clothing to its drying, purifying rays, mildew and mold would be prevented…. This is the only way rooms can be kept from impurities…. Every room in our dwellings should be daily thrown open to the healthful rays of the sun, and the purifying air should be invited in. This will be a preventive of disease.” (The Health Reformer, February 1, 1874. (Heathlful Living 229.4)



“As our first parents lost Eden through the indulgence of appetite, our only hope of regaining Eden is through the firm denial of appetite and passion. Abstemiousness in diet, and control of all the passions, will preserve the intellect and give mental and moral vigor, enabling men to bring all their propensities under the control of the higher powers, and to discern between right and wrong, the sacred and the common.” (Counsels on Diet and Foods 59)

“Daniel knew that ten days would be time enough to prove the benefit of abstemiousness. “Then let our countenances be looked upon before the thee, and the countenance of the children that eat of the portion of the king’s meat; and as thou seest deal with thy servants.” (Daniel 1:12, 13) “So he consented to them in this matter, and proved them ten days. And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the children which did eat of the portion of the king’s meat. Thus Melzar took away the portion of their meat, and the wine that they should drink; and gave them pulse [vegetables]. As for these children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.” (Verses 14-17) From this we see what an important part a simple diet acts in preparing students to hold positions of trust. Students should co-operate with God by abstaining from all food which will tax the physical powers and becloud the mental faculties(Lt34-1900.3-5)

“Gluttony, indulgence of the baser passions, and grievous sins, are hidden under the garb of sanctity by many professed representatives of Christ throughout our world. There are men of excellent natural ability whose labor does not accomplish half what it might if they were temperate in all things. Indulgence of appetite and passion beclouds the mind, lessens physical strength, and weakens moral power. Their thoughts are not clear. Their words are not spoken in power, are not vitalized by the Spirit of God so as to reach the hearts of the hearers.” (Counsels on Diet and Foods 162.3)


“…how sweet is rest after a proper amount of labor. Sleep, nature’s sweet restorer, invigorates the weary body, and prepares it for the next day’s duties.” (Spiritual Gifts, 4b 137.2)

The object of the Sabbath was that all mankind might be benefited. Man was not made to fit the Sabbath; for the Sabbath was made after the creation of man, to meet his necessities. God rested, after he had made the world in six days. He sanctified and blessed the day upon which he rested from all his work which he had created and made. He set apart that special day for man to rest from his labor, and reflect, as he should look upon the earth beneath, and the heavens above, that God made all these in six days, and rested upon the seventh; and that his heart might be filled with love and reverence to his Maker, as he should behold the tangible proofs of his infinite wisdom.” (Review and Herald, May 30, 1871, Art. B, par. 1)

“You must repent of all of your sins, and give your hearts to God, and then believe that the blood of Christ will cleanse you from all sin. Then if you keep all the commandments of God, the Sabbath with the rest, you may through the merits of Christ, be brought back to the tree of life. This will be when Jesus comes to raise the righteous dead, and change the living saints. Then you will have right to the tree of life, and eat of the leaves, and immortal fruit of the tree of life and live for ever in perfect happiness. —Read Revelation 22:14.” (Your Instructor, August 1, 1852, par. 8)

“When we lie down to rest, the stomach should have its work all done, that it, as well as the other organs of the body, may enjoy rest. For persons of sedentary habits, late suppers are particularly harmful. With them the disturbance created is often the beginning of disease that ends in death. {Ministry of Healing 303.3}


“Many look upon work as a curse, originating with the enemy of souls. This is a mistaken idea. God gave labor to man as a blessing, to occupy his mind, to strengthen his body, and to develop his faculties. Adam toiled in the garden of Eden, and felt it to be one of the pleasures of his holy existence to do so. Later, when he was driven from his beautiful home, as the result of his disobedience, and was forced to struggle with a stubborn soil to gain his daily bread, that very labor, although far different from his pleasant occupation in the garden, was a relief to his sorrowing soul, a protection against temptation.” (Health Reformer September 1, 1876, par. 1)

“…to Adam was given the work of caring for the Garden. The Creator knew that Adam could not be happy without employment. The beauty of the garden delighted him, but this was not enough. He must have labour to call into exercise the wonderful organs of the body. Had happiness consisted in doing nothing, man, in his state of holy innocence, would have been left unemployed. But He who created man knew what would be for his happiness, and no sooner had He created him than He gave him his appointed work. In order to be happy, he must labour.” (The Present Truth, November 14, 1901, par. 3)

“Teach the students that right living depends on right thinking, and that physical activity is essential to purity of thought.” (Education 209.4)

“Mental effort without corresponding physical exercise, calls an undue proportion of blood to the brain, and thus the circulation is unbalanced. The brain has too much blood, while the extremities have too little. The hours of study and recreation should be carefully regulated, and a portion of the time should be spent in physical labour. When the habits of students in eating and drinking, dressing and sleeping, are in accordance with physical law, they can obtain an education without sacrificing health. The lesson must be often repeated, and pressed home to the conscience, that education will be of little value if there is no physical strength to use it after it is gained.” (Bible Echo February 5, 1894, par. 4)

Proper Diet

“There are but few as yet who are aroused sufficiently to understand how much their habits of diet have to do with their health, their characters, their usefulness in this world, and their eternal destiny.” (Review and Herald April 30, 1914, par. 9)

In order to know what are the best foods, we must study God’s original plan for man’s diet. He who created man and who understands his needs appointed Adam his food. “Behold,” He said, “I have given you every herb yielding seed, … and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.” Genesis 1:29, A.R.V. Upon leaving Eden to gain his livelihood by tilling the earth under the curse of sin, man received permission to eat also “the herb of the field.” Genesis 3:18. Grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator. These foods, prepared in as simple and natural a manner as possible, are the most healthful and nourishing. They impart a strength, a power of endurance, and a vigor of intellect that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulating diet.” (Ministry of Healing 295-296)

Grains and fruits prepared free from grease, and in as natural a condition as possible, should be the food for the tables of all who claim to be preparing for translation to Heaven. The less feverish the diet, the more easily can the passions be controlled. The gratification of taste should not be consulted irrespective of physical, intellectual, or moral health.” (Testimony for the Church No. 17 191.3)

“It is a mistake to suppose that muscular strength depends on the use of animal food. The needs of the system can be better supplied, and more vigorous health can be enjoyed, without its use. The grains, with fruits, nuts, and vegetables, contain all the nutritive properties necessary to make good blood. These elements are not so well or so fully supplied by a flesh diet. Had the use of flesh been essential to health and strength, animal food would have been included in the diet appointed man in the beginning.” (Ministry of Healing 316.2)


“Thousands have died for want of pure water and pure air, who might have lived…. These blessings they need in order to become well. If they would become enlightened, and let medicine alone, and accustom themselves to outdoor exercise, and to air in their houses, summer and winter, and use soft water for drinking and bathing purposes, they would be comparatively well and happy instead of dragging out a miserable existence.” (How to Live 155)
*Soft Water is Water Without Hard Minerals Deposits. Distilled Water is an example of “soft water.”

point them to God’s great medicine, water, pure soft water, for diseases, for health, for cleanliness, and for a luxury. (Ellen G. White, Ms1-1863.17)

Many make a mistake in drinking cold water with their meals. Taken with meals water diminishes the flow of the salivary glands; and the colder the water, the greater the injury to the stomach. Ice water or iced lemonade, drank with meals, will arrest digestion until the system has imparted sufficient warmth to the stomach to enable it to take up its work again. Hot drinks are debilitating; and besides, those who indulge in their use become slaves to the habit. Food should not be washed down; no drink is needed with meals. Eat slowly, and allow the saliva to mingle with the food. The more liquid there is taken into the stomach with the meals, the more difficult it is for the food to digest; for the liquid must first be absorbed. Do not eat largely of salt, give up bottled pickles, keep fiery, spiced food out of your stomach, eat fruit with your meals, and the irritation that calls for so much drink will cease to exist. But if anything is needed to quench thirst, pure water drank some little time before or after the meal is all that nature requires. Never take tea, coffee, beer, wine, or any spirituous liquors. Water is the best liquid possible to cleanse the tissues.” (Ellen G. White, Review and Herald July 29, 1884, par. 7)

“Fever cases have been lost, when had the physicians left off entirely their drug treatment, had they put their wits to work and wisely and persistently used the Lord’s own remedies, plenty of air and water, the patients would have recovered. The reckless use of these things that should be discarded has decided the case of the sick. Experimenting in drugs is a very expensive business. Paralysis of the brain and tongue is often the result, and the victims die an unnatural death, when, if they had been treated perseveringly, with unwearied, unrelaxed diligence with hot and cold water, hot compresses, packs, and dripping sheet, they would be alive today.” (Ellen G. White, Ms162-1897.7)

Trust in Divine Power

“It is our work to present the sick and suffering to Christ in the arms of our faith…. We should lay hold on His promise, and pray for the manifestation of His power. The very essence of the gospel is restoration, and the Saviour would have us bid the sick, the hopeless, and the afflicted take hold upon His strength.” (The Desire of Ages, 824, 825)

“Those who engage in house-to-house labor will find opportunities for ministry in many lines. They should pray for the sick and should do all in their power to relieve them from suffering.” (Testimonies for the Church Vol. 6 83, 84)

“Come unto me, all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” O how grateful we should be that Jesus is willing and able to bear all our infirmities and strengthen and heal all our diseases if it will be for our good and for His glory. Some died in the days of Christ and in the days of the apostles because the Lord knew just what was best for them. I would not speak one word to lessen your faith and perplex and worry you. There is never danger of our being too much in earnest and having too much confidence and trust in God. Be of good courage; look to Jesus constantly.” (The Paulsen Collection 28.2)

“I was shown that in case of sickness, where the way is clear for the offering up of prayer for the sick, the case should be committed to the Lord in calm faith, not with a storm of excitement. He alone is acquainted with the past life of the individual and knows what his future will be. He who is acquainted with the hearts of all men knows whether the person, if raised up, would glorify His name or dishonor Him by backsliding and apostasy. All that we are required to do is to ask God to raise the sick up if in accordance with His will, believing that He hears the reasons which we present and the fervent prayers offered. If the Lord sees it will best honor Him, He will answer our prayers. But to urge recovery without submission to His will is not right.” (Testimonies for the Church Vol. 2 147,148)

“If we are under infirmities of body, it is certainly consistent to trust the Lord, making supplications to our God in our own case, and if we feel inclined to ask others in whom we have confidence to unite with us in prayer to Jesus who is the Mighty Healer, help will surely come if we ask in faith.” (Medical Ministry, 16.)

In Case of Sickness

It is by understanding what disease is, and the root cause of it, that we may find effective methods of successfully reversing it. David wrote “I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” (Psalms 139:14) and the One who made us said “I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth,” (3 John 1:2) has graciously conveyed to us this insight:

Disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health.” (Ministry of Healing 127) All disease, is an effort of the body to free itself from poor conditions that occur as a result of our violating God’s laws of health. Inflammation, toxicity and a lack of nutrition, are just a few conditions that often lead to a myriad of ailments that even the best of Physicians cannot cure. But this was never the case with Jesus. And today, it is by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, that the following divine prescription has been communicated to mankind, and if followed, will prove to be the best, safest and most effective method of treating disease known to God and man.

“In case of sickness,
the cause should be ascertained. Unhealthful conditions should be changed, wrong habits corrected. Then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to re-establish right conditions in the system.” (Ministry of Healing 127.1)   

Here are the above steps in listed order:

In case of sickness:
1. “the cause should be ascertained”
2. “Unhealthful conditions should be changed”
3. “Wrong habits corrected”
4. “Then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to re-establish right conditions in the system.”

1. The Cause Should Be Ascertained:
Job wrote “the cause which I knew not I searched out.” (Job 29:16) In order to most effectually treat disease, one must know first what caused the disease. It is the first step in any problem solving matter. It is most often the case, that the cause is never discerned. Even with the best of intentions, Physicians often make guesswork of the underlying cause and then based on their guess, make life or death decisions for their patient. A Physician that understands “disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health,” (Ministry of Healing 127) may look to see where the patient’s life falls short of harmonizing with the laws of health. How is their diet? Are they getting enough nutrition? How is their faith? Are they burdened with anxious cares and perplexities that have not been cast upon the Saviour? Scripture admonishes us to be “casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” (1 Peter 5:7) By discovering which laws of health are being violated, we may in turn, understand the cause that led to the patient’s condition the lies at the foundation of their illness.

2. Unheathlful Conditions Should be Changed:
By spending more time in the sunlight, less time indoors and engaging in more physical activity and less sedentary activities, we may make positive choices that will change the condition of things in our bodies. Since “disease is an effort to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health,” (MH 127) this means when we bring our choices into harmony with God’s laws of health, the result will be a restoration of the conditions in the body. Just as harmful conditions are the result of a violation of the laws of health, so too, obedience to these laws will result in the restoration and preservation of health.

3. Wrong Habits Corrected 
While some habits are more easily discerned, such as drinking alcohol, smoking and drugs, others like consuming animal products, meat and cheese, negative thinking, evil surmising, unforgiveness and stress are more common, but less readily discerned.  Whatever the habit one may be a slave to, the power of Christ is able to free any soul who desires freedom. Said the Savior, “without me ye can do nothing,” (John 15:5) and  “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” (Mark 9:23) “An indwelling Saviour makes His power our property. The truth becomes our stock in trade. No unrighteousness is seen in the life. We are able to speak words in season to those who know not the truth. Christ’s presence in the heart is a vitalizing power, strengthening the entire being.” (Counsels on Health 253.1) By the power of Christ’s life dwelling within, we may be empowered with the strength needed to make right choices, thereby breaking those wrong habits that have created unhealthful conditions resulting in the diseases and infirmities that plague us. 

4. Then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to re-establish right conditions in the system:
Nature is to be “assisted.” While the general practice of medicine today is to utilize means and methods that introduce into the body elements that war against it, the practice of Heaven is to introduce into the body those agencies that empower and assist it in its effort to “expel impurities and re-establish right conditions.” Introducing poisonous drugs or toxic chemical concoctions into the body in an effort to restore health is contrary to both science and reason. Disease is the body’s way of trying to correct unhealthful conditions, and the best asset we have in the fight against disease is the body’s own immune system. Why then when already debilitated, should we cast upon it more grievous and burdensome poisons? As one physician said, “The person who takes medicine must recover twice; once from the disease and once from the medicine.” (William Osler, MD) In the Bible we read “the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations,” (Revelation 22:2) and “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man:” (Psalms 104:14) With the leaves of the herbs and the fruit that God has abundantly given for good (Genesis 1:29) we may find effectual agencies in the restoration of Health. Said Jesus “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) Rather than supposing man-made agencies that destroy and cause death might result in health and life, we ought rather to utilize agencies full of life and vitality that they might impart to the suffering, those same properties.  Jesus said “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” (John 10:11) So too, when we partake of the natural, un-altered foods God has created full that are full of life, they give to the suffering life and health. A physician speaking of the laws of health given in scripture said in the 19th century, “Those rules were given by the Lord Himself, and, when followed, produced the healthiest people that ever lived. Let it be noted, however, that inoculation was not included in the list of preventives of disease. Perfect cleanliness within as well as without the body, is the sum of the whole matter. Clean food, pure water, fresh air, plenty of sunlight, regular, muscular exercise, and a clean conscience, will ward off any plague known. It may be said that vaccination and inoculation have saved many lives… but to fill one’s body with death, as a means of warding off death, is unscriptural and unscientific.” (Dr. E.J. Waggoner, PTUK October 5,  1899, page 640.4)