The SELFLESS SERIES is comprised of 6 episodes designed to illustrate the past, present and future of the most epic war known to man and the two antagonistic principles that are contending for the supremacy in every facet of life as we know it.



SELFLESS was an idea born over time. A Ted talk on sustainability inspired investigation of sustainability from a Biblical point-of-view. The Bible depicts the Ten Commandments as the foundation of God’s throne. Was there something about such a vital component of Heaven’s government that could teach us something about sustainability? A year of further study uncovered the one principle at the heart of God’s law and this one principle is “The Only Sustainable Thing.” Seeing this principle originated during the time when the Bible declares “there was war in Heaven,” and can be traced throughout the stories of scripture unto the last great crisis, gave birth to the idea to tell the greatest story known to man, from the perspective of it’s most basic principles.



Currently Episode One and Two are completed. SELFLESS is a labor of love being produced out of pocket and as time permits. Scripts for the remaining episodes are finished and waiting to be filmed and edited.



The SELFLESS SERIES when complete, will consist of six episodes. “The Only Sustainable Thing” introduces the series by revealing the one principles that lies at the heart of true sustainability. Yet, another principle is contending for the supremacy and fueling every unsustainable practice, that ultimately, always results in death. Where is our world heading? How will this war between these two principles unfold? Episode 2 takes us back to the beginnings of this celestial war that found its way to Earth. Episode 3 takes us to the greatest stand-off ever seen, where these two antagonistic principles clashed at the Cross. Episode 4 peels back the modern facade of counterfeit “love” that is persuading multitudes to uphold the Kingdom of God without knowing they are working to secure its overthrow. Episode 5 brings us to the last great crisis and how the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast will polarize the world into two groups — the selfish, and the selfless. Finally, Jesus declared on the cross “It is done,” but what is it then that is still unfinished? In Episode 6 we will answer this question and take a look at the final event that must be accomplished for God to finish this epic war and bring it to an end, in “The Last Revelation.”

To Be Continued...