Unmasking the Mark (Tracts)

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In our rapidly changing world, lockdowns, executive orders, and top-down measures of increasing government control have many wondering if this global pandemic is a harbinger of those the 2,000-year-old prophecy concerning the mark of the beast, since it states “that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark…” (Revelation 13:17) Others are asking the question, “is the vaccine the mark of the beast?” This tract, based on the video series Unmasking the Mark, emphasizes the importance of a correct understanding of prophetic interpretation, that we may know precisely what God is trying to communicate to men and how the current events relate to these prophecies so we may know what we ought to do. While this tract points out many principles that parallel current events with those ancient prophecies concerning the Antichrist beast and it’s mark, it points the recipient to the video series Unmasking the Mark available to watch for free online.

The back of this tract contains a QR code, that when scanned by a smartphone’s camera, will bring up a link on the screen, that with a single click, will bring the viewer right to the online video where they can watch the video series immediately on their smartphone, tablet or other device. This is a great way to share not only the information in the tract, but also the video series itself. Whether at the store, on a bus or on the street, anyone with a smartphone can scan the code and have the video available to watch instantly. For those without a smartphone, a short link to the video is printed on the tract, enabling anyone to type it into their web browser.

When compared to DVDs, the QR code linking these tracts with the online video, also make them great for sharing these videos with the general public. Their small size and weight make them easy to distribute, hand out or send in the mail. At just ten cents per tract, the inexpensive cost makes them a great alternative to DVDs, allowing one to share the information and the video series in large volumes, whether with an entire church, or with crowds at large events.

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Pack of 100 Tracts

1 review for Unmasking the Mark (Tracts)

  1. Janet Gedeon (verified owner)

    This tract is very helpful in getting the word out. Most find the title and picture intriguing and are happy to learn about the link to the video provided by the QR code. I highly recommend that those interested in proclaiming the Three Angels’ Messages, purchase and distribute as many of these tracts as you can. God’s blessing is on them.

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