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Jesus foretold that deception would be one of the most distinguished signs of the end of the world. The prophecies of the Bible reveal Earth’s last war will be a war over worship. How can we distinguish then between true and false worship? This tract gives a brief overview of the principles of true worship and the two most prominent doctrines in Christendom, Sunday worship and the Trinity, that have redefined the worship of God. How few Christians understand the two most prominent doctrines concerning the worship of God today were not the result of diligent study of the Scriptures or the teachings of the prophets or Apostles, but were established by force — through centuries of persecution and bloodshed! This tract contains a QR Code on the back, allowing the recipient to scan it with a smart phone or device and begin watching the film within seconds. These tracts are a great way to share the video Established by Force and the truth about the worship of the true God that all must know to remain faithful to Him during Earth’s final hours.

Sold in Packages of 100 Tracts.

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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in
100 Pack

Pack of 100 Tracts


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