Unmasking the Mark – Part 2


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105 mins

In part 2 of Unmasking the Mark we take a close look at the underlying principles behind vaccination, face masks and other COVID policies to see how these movements are changing the social mindset of our global culture to adopt a catholic social doctrine called “the common good.” The United States of America was a beacon of liberty because it was established upon the founding principles of individual rights and liberties. But these principles that made the United States so prosperous are now being replaced with the social doctrine of the common good, which is based on overruling individual rights and liberties for what someone else decides is in the best interest of ‘the common good’ and these are the very ideals that will make the enforcement of the mark of the beast so successful. 

Note: “Unmasking the Mark” is a three-part series. This disc only contains part 2.

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