The world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis and the closing events of the Great Controversy are soon to take place. In order to understand the purpose for this crisis and the coming events to try the inhabitants of Earth, we must go back to the beginning. “The warfare against God’s law commenced in heaven. Satan was determined to bring God to his ideas, his way, to force Him to change the law of His government. This was the cause of the war in heaven. Satan worked upon the sympathies of the angelic host by his deceptive attitude, but he was expelled from heaven, and now he is determined to carry out on this earth the plans [he] instituted in heaven. If he can persuade man to be disloyal to the law of God, he will feel that he is revenged upon God. He strives to instill into the minds of men his masterly deceptions, thus perverting judgment and justice, trampling down the law of God. This work—the conflict between truth and error—lies at the foundation of the trials and tribulations that the children of God will experience. This is the “trial of their faith.” – Ellen G. White (Manuscript Release Vol. 12, 37.1)