Our world is plagued with unsustainable practices, methods, policies and principles. Economic collapse, social unrest, environmental crises, moral degradation and a thousand other evils are all threatening the very existence of life on this planet. The world’s most prominent scientists, politicians, philosophers presidents and religious leaders have failed to offer mankind a truly sustainable solution. Recycling, going “green,” and reducing our negative impact on this planet are all steps in the right direction, but all these solutions will inevitably fall short of creating a sustainable environment. Why? None of these solutions address the root cause of un-sustainability. Episode 1 of the Selfless series will reveal what truly is the cause of all the world’s unsustainable practices, so that we all might understand the solution. When you understand the key to genuine sustainability, you will realize true sustainability is beyond the ability of mankind to achieve — and yet — it will happen. How is this possible? It will all make sense, when you understand “The Only Sustainable Thing.”